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Un(writers)blocked attempt to write
He was born on a day that rain will ever rule. So near to death but alive he struggled with, even now, his features showing. Two black lines ran down his back never faltering. Upon reaching his face they turned back and round as if to frame him; instead it created a heart unclosed which was perfectly apt as he never could run out of love to give to all. Greying at birth with flecks of white. His ice blue eyes forever darting between thickets and movement.
He sought no friends but simply to entrance all others to happiness with movement and actions. In truth no higher thought came into this; he just did. And to his credit no one left without a smile or fond memory.
In particular one young child became bound to him. Silent, alone, one who wished to stay uninvolved. He realised there was something different in this child simply from picking up reactions from others. A challenge? A lost soul? Someone who needed someone else?
In the end he couldn't decide so he ran over and sat next to the
:iconpeterjk:PeterJK 0 0
2009 Found Your Letter
I found your letter
While rearranging my life.
Unsure of what it was,
I flicked it up
And saw just a few words;
Then I knew it all.
Unknowingly it had been pride of place
Since I opened it up.
So, pausing for a moment,
I thought about what that meant.
And no answer would come
Because it already was here.
Hidden, but always on show,
Watching me as I come and go,
In place of you.
A letter in replacement for the person,
And even though it's not anywhere near,
It means more than anything else I could think.
No doubt I'll forget until next time,
Even when your words will always echo about me.
Sometimes the only message told is that written:
Lasting as long as the ink
But longer than the pen and writer.
More than ideas,
It is emotion encapsulated.
So here's to reliving your emotion
Everytime I move.
:iconpeterjk:PeterJK 0 0
Day 366: Title Below
All I've written before is a lie,
Time has revealed facts I cannot deny.
This final day
Has shown a new way.
I finally see my accomplishments before me
Which before were too far to see.
Still the future is not clear
But it draws ever near
With mist about it slowly fading
And the lyrics of life starting to sing.
And even further my thoughts stay fused;
My mind half-times fails, perhaps overused,
But through it all I still see
Some things that seem inherently me.
I have become a person of parts,
Coming from a long way, to where life starts.
I am no longer told but in my own destiny.
I can choose to be slave to free.
To choose my dreams
From which engless hope gleams,
Or face my fears
And tackle my woes in floods of tears.
And I'll do it all, if I get the chance.
Because I'm not giving up any dance.
Each brings something new
Which I feel is due
To a person getting older
Who has felt and seen how things were.
Dark days still cloud the horizons edge
But bright days always follow
:iconpeterjk:PeterJK 0 15
Day 365: Finality
Finally the last day beckons;
To pastures of green and brown.
Ideas thought of early on
Gain focus and granted words
On these, the ending days
Of another year wasted and earnt.
Dawn will break in hours,
Yet the task is not complete;
No complacency allowed,
It could damage the prize.
And all I get
When the last word is written
Is the known fact
I did it,
(I didn't fail once in my life).
The prize is new hope,
Acheivement and virtue
And another space forwards
In my game of life.
(Only about seventy left now...)
So prepare yourself committed reader
For the next day will bring nothing new.
We give life it's meaning
(Life doesn't give it to us)
So a new day is like any day
The first or the last
Of what has past
And what beckons,
With the one exception:
Our perception.
:iconpeterjk:PeterJK 0 8
Day 364: New Years End
With another year ending
What have we done?
Did we complete what we promised,
Fail for no reason,
Or fall somewhere between the two?
We ask ourselves just a few times a year;
Birthdays, holidays and the time of new year's.
But we should ask ourselves all things
At every moment we can;
Else face wasting a year instead of days
Running towards something we don't want to.
But the year ending compells us none the less
To tie up loose ends,
And secure the tight ones,
Whilst laying the rope for the next year.
In ways we should not criticize:
At least we do think about it
And make half-hearted plans for our future.
Semi-set goals may lead us the right way or not
But at least its going somewhere.
And as another year ends, one more begins.
With all the left over issues of the previous
And with more to come,
It's best to seal your loose ends forever
Instead of patching up like we all do.
:iconpeterjk:PeterJK 3 3
Day 363: Way Of Living
Why should I justify my means;
My very way of living,
Just so you can understand
Why I see life as unforgiving.
It's not so simple as to see it
And it's too complex to state
But you may get that one day
And I'll leave that to fate;
Never including the fact
That I don't believe it exists
(Yes that means I think you won't get it)
Because so many will live in ignorant bliss
Rather than ask that extra question.
Such fools with liberties
And no understanding
Just stand against poorer people and tease.
Sing of what they have
And their woes
Their riches
And remastered fake nose.
The reason why I don't justify
Is because you are all sinners
But see yourself as saints
And standing on podiums of winners.
Conceited are you and I
In our very way of living.
And just so you understand
Life isn't forgiving
Whether you know this or not
You will die and be forgot.
:iconpeterjk:PeterJK 1 0
Day 362: The End
Would the end come
From the falling of a sun?
Or would a virus spread
And become a plague?
No one ever knew
And the fear was everlasting...
We thought.
But no, it came,
With no words to describe it.
But death was everywhere,
Even in our very blood.
So few survived even an instant
But thousands of other animals lived
And prospered.
Through fallout
Through acid rain
Through ice age
And through evolution.
But always there echoed us,
In fossil and dust.
We, in death, caused them to fear
Their own demise to come.
From the falling of a bomb,
Or at the death of the sun?
Craters loomed in shadow
Including the one which ended us
And created...
Just destruction;
And a new world
One without us;
The age of lizards was over.
:iconpeterjk:PeterJK 2 2
Day 361: Headache
A pulsing feeling up in my head
Leaves me wishing I were in bed.
The sharpness of stabbing nerves
Seeking the purpose of which it serves.
It cannot be bared, nor left alone
As most men sit, stare and moan
That the pain never fades
And feels ever more like blades,
But truth, it was only a minute it remained,
Before it left, unexplained.
It feels like forever
And we seek to endeavour
But our mind wins out
When we try to have a bout.
Just another way to tell us all
That the mind will never fall;
It's always there somewhere
We just have to believe and care.
:iconpeterjk:PeterJK 0 0
Day 360: The 25th
Christmas day arrives
With it's pranks and presents.
Master plans fall together
While hopes and dreams could be answered.
The most mystical day to a child;
The day a red coated man brings presents
Within your parents budget,
But your innocence sees past that,
Ignoring the truth through belief.
We clentch as people open our gifts
In fear they will hate us and it,
Then rejoice when their faces smirk
Or their eyes become tear-filled.
We bite our lips
As the presents are passed,
Hoping for the biggest,
Forgetting an envelope can carry tickets
To places far away.
And the satisfaction of ripping decorated tree-paper
More thrilling than the gift:
The possibilities of what it could be!
Then Christmas day passes,
WIth meals and sweets used to over-endulge.
But then we joke how it's only a year until it again;
Secretly meaning,
"I wish it was tomorrow..."
:iconpeterjk:PeterJK 0 2
Day 359: Smile
Why can't I smile anymore
Without feeling like a fake.
Such lies and deception
To act like I'm one of the rest:
Is it worth it?
Whoever said faking it was a hard thing?
They were wrong.
The hard part is being okay with doing it.
And that's the issue I face.
The smile feels uncomfortable upon my face
And when I laugh I do all I can to stop;
Afraid of someone seeing through my teeth
To the words my mouth shows.
If I have to be a fake, to fit within the rest
Then my broken soul must do it;
For I cannot bare be without.
I can smile;
And eventually I'll feel right when I do.
:iconpeterjk:PeterJK 0 3
Day 358: Winter
Winters come and summers gone
The days are short and the nights are long;
With more excuse to sleep in late
And even more to have a mid-day date.
The wind makes it colder
Forcing rain into snow
While we carry on regardless
To wherever we seek to go.
Most mind's main thought is on christmas day
With presents aplenty
And good tidings on their way.
Clear mornings bring frost to our breath
As there is no cloud to cover us.
Much like the sky, clear at night,
Makes the stars shine out bright
Meaning no need for torches,
Just a warm blanket.
So wrap up warm and think of good intent
For the winter spirit is full of this
Whether religious or not.
And soon the summer will be here
With weather to warm for us to bare
And we will change our minds of winter
Thinking of snow-ridden days with fondness.
:iconpeterjk:PeterJK 0 0
Day 357: Christmas Compassion
So two eve's are soon to be upon us
One of a birth, the other of an end.
Two holidays of celebration
Lost amoungst paper and wine.
So little spirit of love for both;
How times have changed for us.
For we take for granted we will receive
And we assume that good things will come.
But through both these days
Two world stays the same
So how can we expect any different?
That hope, an inkling, for a miracle to occur;
Just thinking in the time of good deeds
That some will be thrust upon us.
It does make some more charitable
But others more cynical line their purses with gold.
So few would give to the poor
Money found upon the ground
For the self is what truely matters to us.
But yes, please prove me wrong,
And show the compassion of which I pray to see
Like the truce of the trenches in Nineteen-Fourteen.
It can be done without thinking
But it takes a thought to think of someone else
So contradict my contradiction
And show love to those who have none.
:iconpeterjk:PeterJK 1 0
Day 356: Unicorn
I dream of a unicorn of my own
Something I believe exists
But I shall never be able to have.
So elegant and strong,
With the unceasing ability to elude
All but our mind's dreaming
With brief glimpses of white and gold.
But they exist in life
As things we crave for
But never shall have:
That lady in black
Or island in the sun.
My unicorn, my ideal life escaping me
With a point to lead it
And me in it's trail
Praying it can be tamed
And brought to my heel.
:iconpeterjk:PeterJK 0 0
Day 355: The Feeling
We all have the feeling
It's a longing for the perfect life and love,
I have it, and I pray each day I'll meet the person who takes it away,
But we never really know.
We only notice after a few years;
That that feeling's gone and then we start to wonder:
Who made us complete like that?
And how do they manage to do it?
So few of us ask, and less of us know.
Most life in love regardless of why
Except that it feels right!
And like them, as long as the cold feeling we have goes
I will accept the love as it is.
The strangest thing of the feeling
Is that it feels of nothing at all,
But when it has gone, we know it has,
And we know why.
In a way it's simpler that it remains
No complications of love will arrise
But longing for it to leave is by far the worst feeling.
:iconpeterjk:PeterJK 0 0
Day 354: Askew
As they stand watching over our shoulders
And we sit playing in dirt
We learn to be like them.
Within months we'll watch bugs and what other people do
Then we'll grow and watch our children play.
Ever looking for new things to see
We never seem to realise;
We all see the same things in the same order
Just with different backgrounds.
Marriage in different churches,
Parties in different houses,
Sea-side strolls from different directions.
Each human loves the things another does too,
We share desires and experiences
With people we'll never meet.
But we share the moment with others;
Those who mean the world to us,
Their personalities change our view
So we see things ever so slightly askew.
They change us from watching our children
To seeing the dirt, and wanting to play too.
:iconpeterjk:PeterJK 0 0
Day 353: Preservation
So as that destiny slow looms nearer
The townsfolk in question quake evermore,
In fear of destruction
Over joy of salvation.
Because if there is a chance we will fail
We see it a bigger danger than anything
Even if the chance is less likely than eternal life.
There is no clear reason
Save humanities need for self-preservation.
So why does this so often outweigh
The brilliance of self-promotion,
To a further state in life and technology?
Billions of safety rules for a simple switch on,
When in the end they make it no safer.
It's just the fear of destiny;
Of death and failure of all measures.
We don't like to be wrong
We like to be perfect.
But we are only human,
And failure and death are what we do the best.
:iconpeterjk:PeterJK 0 0


Hey all of you still watching,

As you may have guessed I haven't been that active for a while. No real reasons just a mixture of distracted by life and writing stuff I don't really want spread everywhere. I gotta have my secrets, right?

So the question is, do people want to see me post random stuff occasionally? I may have to delete a few of my 5k messages which have come in the last 6 months since I last checked...

But yeah. How are you guys doing? If you do want me to write, what do you want me to write about? I need a bit of inspiration to get a boost.


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